Please read this


Please note: I am no longer going to reply to requests for help, advice, information, ideas of what it might cost, etc. etc. I get a lot of emails asking me to spend my precious time providing answers - mostly to people who are 'just thinking about it' - yet not once has anyone offered to pay for my efforts, and only once has anyone actually bothered to thank me afterwards. The most recent example was a Gary McDonald (named and shamed) just 3 days ago on 16 Oct 2012, who couldn't be bothered to thank me for the advice I responded with. I've received 2 emails subsequently (yes, 3 emails in 3 days - not unusual), one from a student asking for a technical site plan, and one from someone "looking for some information on church conversion & the process & problems". These are typical of the enquiries I get, and as I said, I almost always receive no thanks for my helpful responses. I was more than happy to oblige for the first couple of hundred emails, but now I'm tired of people's lack of grace and gratitude. I am not a charity or advice centre - I am a private individual with better things to do with his time.
If you are seriously committed to the idea of doing a church conversion, and genuinely need advice and assistance, I now ask for an up-front, non-refundable consultancy fee of £100 to deal with your initial enquiries. If you contact me in this regard, please make sure you agree to this in your initial email.
Thank you.