The Old Church House

Living in a converted church isn't for everyone, but - unsurprisingly - it's top of the list of unusual properties people would most like to live in. It's easy to understand why: they have character in abundance, huge amounts of open space, very high ceilings (usually vaulted roofs), and each one is pretty much unique. For anyone tired of living in a square 'cookie-cutter' box, or for anyone who wants to live in a unique home full of character, a converted church is a very tempting idea. The downsides of the past, such as heating and storage, are easily discounted with underfloor heating, space-age insulation, restoration-grade secondary glazing, and smart storage solutions. While the idea of a graveyard can be offputting for some, not all churches have them. In fact, the only real downside when considering living in a church is the fact that they are very hard to find! In spite of this, I have been lucky enough to have bought 2, and this site is my testament and dedication to them, and to anyone who is thinking about converting a church but doesn't know where to start.

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